One big advantage of having home insurance is for the protection against damage or property loss due to unforeseen circumstances like fire, natural calamities, subsidence, etc… Having your home insured is vitally important. Are you Interested to know more about great value home insurance in Ireland?

This short article was created to help you get the most suitable house insurance for your needs, in Ireland.

Cost of Rebuilding 
When estimating the value of your property, it’s important to consider the cost of rebuilding from scratch instead of the overall market value of your property. The rebuilding cost is the total sum that you need to pay to rebuild your home from scratch.

This of course depends on a number of factors including the location of your home, your type of house, the materials used in its construction, and the number of rooms, their size, and the types of walls and roof. You should also include any garages, sheds, and boundary walls of your property, should there be any.

You could even use a rebuilding calculator to help you estimate more accurately how much you need to insure your house for. You also need to consider adjustments for such things as site clearance prior to the rebuild.

Home Contents Value
Calculating the value of your home contents can be difficult but it is necessary. This ensures that the level of cover you are considering is adequate. As a rule of thumb, your cover needs to represent the total value of the contents of your home. These are all the items that you would take with you when you are moving home.

This includes but is not limited to your personal belongings, furniture, carpets, curtains, electrical appliance,s etc.

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