When we want a product, we typically want the “best” for our money. But when shopping for life insurance in Ireland, there is no such thing as the ‘best.”

Whether you need life insurance, car insurance, or health insurance, the best policy for you may not be the right policy for someone else. And because Irish insurers don’t reward loyalty nor do they price match, it’s important to not only shop around for insurers but to look at plans closely, too.

So rather than thinking about the “best,” start the process by thinking about what you need, want, and can afford.

Find a Company Who Offers the Right Benefits

The most important thing about your life insurance policy isn’t whose name is above the office door. Rather, you need a policy with the right benefits.

Most life insurance policies are relatively similar, but each company offers some unique opportunities, usually for an extra fee.

For example, Royal London allows you to cash out and get money back from your life insurance premium when you sign up for the Life Changes Option.

Or you might choose Zurich if you have a strong family history of cancer. Their Cancer Cover offers survival insurance at a price less expensive than the typical serious illness protection as it only covers cancers.

Think about what you most want from your policy, and bring it to your broker when you ask for life insurance quotes.

Go with a Company with a Stellar Service

Perhaps the second most important element of an insurance policy is the insurer’s service. Traditionally, Irish insurers treat claims like pulling teeth. The same isn’t usually true in the Life Insurance divisions, but the policy service and ultimately claims process are still important.

While 98% of all death claims are paid, you want the claims process to run as smoothly as possible. Often, that means getting good service from the beginning. So if you’re working with a company that makes things hard: their form is confusing, underwriting is unforgiving, or their policy has more exclusions than inclusions, consider working with another insurer.

Balance Out Your Choices Based on Price

The final component of the best life insurance is price. You never want to overpay for any insurance, but you don’t want to underpay either.

Plot out your policy and payment options and choose a service that fits your budget.

Keep in mind that the cheapest insurance will be mortgage protection followed by Term-Life and then Whole of Life insurance.

Are you ready to compare life insurance quotes? Get your initial life assurance quote in Ireland in under 30 seconds to see just how smart a move life insurance can be.