Getting life insurance can be a tedious process. You can easily get caught up in the details, but don’t let that stop you from walking away from something this important. We know it can be intimidating and overwhelming, that’s why we’ve created this article to help make it easier for you. We’ve laid out all the information that you need to help you decide the best life insurance for you.

What should I be looking for in Life Insurance?

There’s a difference between a term life or whole life insurance policy. Term life insurance will generally have low premiums and is considered one of the simplest form of Life Insurance.

A tax-free lump sum is given to a beneficiary of your choice when the insured dies during the term. If the contract expires before the time of passing, you will no longer be eligible for the payout.

Whole life insurance, on the other hand, is a bit different. The cover is for an entire lifetime and premiums tend to be higher. Payment is made when the policyholder passes away.

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What about Mortgage Protection Insurance?

This is an insurance policy that comes in many different shapes and forms and your mortgage lender usually gets the payment directly. This Insurance is designed to protect a family from mortgage payments, if the breadwinner is no longer around.

Getting Life Insurance

Another good thing about having a life insurance policy is that it can be used for mortgage protection. The amount of cover should at the very least equal the value of your mortgage. An existing life insurance policy can be used by assigning your policy to your mortgage lender.

What are the cancellation terms for Life Insurance?

You should carefully review the cancellation terms before accepting your policy. Generally, a life insurance policy can be cancelled within 30 days of issue. During this period, you may cancel your policy and get a full refund. Cancellation after the 30-day period is still possible but you will no longer be entitled to a refund.

Is serious illness coverage included?

Serious illness cover is usually an add-on to life insurance policies which covers around 30 to 40 specified illnesses. A well-rounded life insurance policy should be able to cover serious illness, death and disability. This type of extensive coverage is more expensive but is something that is available to you if needs be.

Does life insurance have Convertible Features?

Convertible insurance allows the policyholder to change the cover without having to go through the health qualification process again. It’s something that you can consider if you think you can only afford a less expensive policy now but are planning to get a more expensive policy later. Having this will eliminate the risk of being disqualified and will allow you to get better cover regardless of your health condition.

What about Accelerated Benefits?

Accelerated benefits are options that can be added to an insurance policy.

For example, when accelerated serious illness cover is added to a policy, then the sum insured is payable on death, or earlier if the policy holder is diagnosed with a serious illness covered by the policy.